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tv   New Day  CNN  December 5, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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lost. in italy the opposite happened. why did that happen? the italian one is part of the wave. the populist wave that's going around anti-establishment you know very much part of the trump win, it's part of brexit. in the austrian case the guy, the right wing populist running, this was a party founded by essentially former nazis so it may have been one step too far. he lost. but he lost narrowly. i don't think it changes the fact that you have a wave of right wing anti-establishment populism running throughout the western world. it is largely, as i point out in that article, largely response to migration. the because, you know, if you look again at economics, sweden is doing very well, germany is doing very well. they still have right wing populist movements. the core here is everywhere you see right wing populism you see migration, and migration of people who look very different. >> same things we heard in france and in belgium you're now hearing in italy. what does it mean to be italian again? who are we?
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>> right. understood. thanks so much. >> pleasure. >> we're following a lot of news this morning. let's get right to it. >> i could just see the flames coming. >> this is the most deadly fire in oakland history. >> the reality, i think, for all of us is beginning to set in. >> the fire is getting too hot. the smoke is getting too bad and i wasn't able to get him out. if there was an express way to cause a diplomatic uproar with china this would be the way to do it. >> this was a moment of courtesy, not a discussion about policy. >> secretary of state is incredibly important position. >> is it right to make false statements? >> he's right to express his opinions. >> it's fake news story triggered an actual armed confrontation. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, and alisyn camerota. >> good morning, welcome to your "new day." up first, at least 33 people are dead. dozens are still missing in this
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massive warehouse party fire in oakland, california. and the worst news is, that number is not the end tally. it's expected to climb higher. investigators aren't even through half the building yet. there's a lot of heavy and labored debris and there are a lot of people still missing. >> there are also criminal investigators at the scene looking for the cause of this inferno. families and friendsle of those still missing are enduring this agonizing wait for answers. this is the deadliest building fire in the u.s. in more nan a decade. cnn's stephanie elam is live in oakland with the very latest. tell us what makes this so painstaking, stephanie? >> so painstaking, alisyn i just spoke to the oakland fire battlion chief and she told me that they do believe that they isolated the origin of this fire but around 10:00 p.m. local time they had to pull out everyone inside the building because they were afraid that the building might colpse more. so they are working to shore up the building to make it safer. she did tell me, though, that they plan to get back in there today to continue these recovery
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efforts. officials launching a criminal investigation team and an arson task force to inspect the deadly fire that engulfed this oakland warehouse hosting a party over the weekend. >> it just doesn't team that that's a fire that's survivable. so the reality i think for all of us is beginning to set in. >> reporter: of the confirmed dead a teenager and an oakland deputy's son. >> this tragedy has hit very close to home. >> but with less than half of the two story warehouse searched, authorities fear the worst. >> we anticipate that the number of victims will rise. >> officials say firefighters with shovels are methodically removing debris bucket by bucket. >> our first priority is the humane and compassionate removal of the victims of this tragedy. >> the warehouse, known as the ghost ship was an illegal residence home to some artists. now under investigation for city
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code violations for hazardous trash and debris and an inlegal interior building structure. friday night's electric tranic dance party, one of many held in the space, operating without a permit when the building quickly erupted in flames. >> i broke my ankle. i need you to pull me out. >> one survivor, an artist, who used the space, describes the horrifying moment he had to leave his friend behind. >> it was just like pull him out, and the fire was just getting too hot, and the smoke was just getting too bad and i had to -- i had to -- i had to leave him there. >> it's horrible for those who made it out. of course the families and friends of those who did not, this is just beginning. joining us now is oakland city council member noelle gallow and gisette who knows six people still missing from friday's fire. i know this is not a conversation you want to be having right now. but it is important to keep attention on this situation
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until everybody is found who can be and we understand why this happened. council member, let's start with what you know about the status of the search. how much of the building have you been told has been gone through? >> yes, absolutely. the fire department and those involved in the rescuive for thes, or at least trying to do the investigation have kept us informed. and right now, you know, there's a concern regarding safety of the building so we are taking other actions to make sure that our firefighters are safe. but i do want to first of all express my condolences to the families, and my prayers and do give my appreciation to all those that have come forth in oakland, and california to provide support to the families. >> that's appreciated by many i'm shore. jossette, tell us about those
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who you know who are missing. were they kind of living in the warehouse? >> i don't know anyone that was actually living there. i'm more associated with the producers and the community surrounding the event, the art and technology community that supports this important ecosystem that exists. we are missing a female musician that is one of the only women that's using technology and electronic music to create her work. we are missing garrett clark our founder at gray area. we are missing so many important people, and the community and i'm here to support a fund-raiser that we lunched. a crowd funding campaign at and i am here as a beacon for my community and as a community organizer and leader to try to be a foundation as an organization to support the community's existence, and survival as we go through this together. >> josette were they there?
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did they produce the show going on? were they hanging out and enjoying it? give us a little bit of the background so we understand a little bit of what has happened here. >> in san francisco we're dispret for venues that can support this kind of intersection of experimental music and art and they were there to support the community that surrounds this type of music. these are engineers that support the backbone of theaters and venues all across san francisco, all across the bay area. these are professional engineers, artists, and technologists, producers, they were there, my friends were there to support the community, and be there for each other to support this. this is a close-knit community. i can't express how important and how close-knit everyone was. >> noel there's no question the focus has to be on friending her friends and family members who are still desperate for answers. no question. and yet, as you know, it cannot
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provide that big a distraction from finding out why that building went up the way it did. why the occupancy levels weren't understood, supposedly there've been problems there before. the san francisco chronicle reporting about people living there. very often people are forced into situations creatively and in templs of their own existence and it's the job of government to make sure that it's a safe situation. what do you know about what was going on inside this building? you know it's absolutely right. our responsibility, we have many commercial buildings along these corridors, where many of our young people, with their college degrees that are coming to oakland. they want to make their living, raise their families, and start their job experience, and certainly there are -- we need to make sure that one is the property owner. it is the property owner's responsibility to make sure that they have a fire code permit. that they have a building permit. and that they also have a public
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safety permit. and when it comes to any activity where you invite the public to celebrate, and so forth, that you need to have an assembly permit that's provided by the police, so they can make sure that it's safe for everybody. we're not in -- we're going to take an action here in oakland to make sure that we enhance the number of code enforcement, as well as the fire marshals to make sure that our artists, that our resident, whether you're in a home or you're in a apartment complex or you're in a warehouse type setting that you are safe. and so my -- my message to everyone is to make sure you look around you, where you live, and certainly we have a great deal of change in oakland, in terms of investments from outside of the country, coming in and buying these properties, we want to make sure that our children and families and all those coming to enjoy oakland are safe. >> but, josette what you're speaking to is that this place, the ghost ship was happening as much as it was a building.
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you had people going in there who were making their own furniture, who were staying there for extended periods, were coming there, young ages, teens, as well as 20s and 30s, to kind of come together, there was something going on in this warehouse that was bigger than just a party, right? >> right. noel -- i -- >> i know and i know the manager as well as the owner of the property. and we've had a good number of conversations regarding the upkeep of the facility on the street level, sidewalk level, as well as on the inside. >> right. >> i think that there's a middle ground here in terms of regulations, and in terms of education for the general community. i think there's something that can be done as someone that has managed several commercial venues and operates an 800 person theater in san francisco called the grand theater, i know and i know so many of my community members that had they
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known -- or only 49 people up on the second floor, or just little things that you can know and we can train people on, i think this is the key thing that i'm learning and that i hope to work with city officials on, and i hope that my community will support this, because we don't want more people to be displaced from their homes in a housing crisis that already exists today in the bay area. >> you've got a robust community out there that's only getting stronger, young people are seeking out that part of the country. for their creative exist ebs. they've got to have safe places to go. we'll be watching this very carefully to make sure that the respect is paid to those whose lives were lost and those who are still missing and that hopefully things change for the better in the future. josette i know this is not a conversation that you want to be having right now but we want to give full respect to the situation in all its different facets. noel thank you to you, as well. we remain an outlet for information on this story. now and into the future. >> thank you. >> the both to both of you. >> thank you. >> alisyn.
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>> turning to politics now, president-elect donald trump naming dr. ben carson as his pick for secretary of housing and urban developments. meanwhile, mr. trump blasting china in a series of new tweets, breaking deck eights of diplomatic protocol by speaking with taiwan's president. cnn's jessica schneider is live outside of trump tower in new york with more. >> alisyn, we were told that this would be a quiet weekend for the president-elect. but if you count twitter it was anything but. donald trump taking to social media to slam china, calling it a currency manipulator, putting american businesses at an unfair advantage -- i'm sorry, putting china at an unfair advantage over american businesses but the foreign ministry of china says that it will refuses to speculate on donald trump's actions. all of this coming as uncertainty mounts as to exactly what donald trump's position on china will be. the president-elect lashing out at china, only two days after his unprecedented phone call with the leader of taiwan. donald trump accusing china of
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keeping its currency art sfishlly low, monetary experts say it's fairly valued, and decrying their military presence in the south china sea. trump stepping up some of the tough talk from the campaign trail. >> they've taken our money and our jobs, our manufacturing. they've taken everything. china is responsible for nearly half of our entire trade deficit. >> but the timing of his tweets indicate those campaign promises could potentially become policy. over the weekend, china launching a formal complaint about trump's call with taiwan's president. >> that was nothing more than taking a courtesy call. a congratulations. >> reporter: but "the washington post" reports that the call had been planned for weeks. experts warn the call carried major diplomatic risks, citing the u.s.' one-china policy which considers toy juan to be a part of chain. this is the first known communication between the u.s. and taiwan since 1979. trump also taking to twitter this weekend to threaten any business that leaves our
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country. warning of a whopping 35% tax on products shipped back into the country as quote retribution. trump tweeting he would keep jobs in the country by lowering taxes for companies and slashing regulations. all this playing out as the president-elect is widening his list of contenders to be secretary of state. a process starting to look more like a reality show. >> -- other candidates for secretary of state. >> reporter: former republican governor of utah jon huntsman, president barack obama's first ambassador to china now in the running and disgraced former general david petraeus making a public case for the top post. >> five years ago i made a serious mistake. i acknowledged it. i apologized for it. >> reporter: arguing that his guilty plea should not disqualify him from serving as secretary of state. >> i paid a very heavy price for it. and i've learned from it. >> reporter: so the intrigue
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continues to swirl over that top post of secretary of state. top adviser kellyanne conway saying that interviews will continue throughout this week, as to that position but conway also saying that it's a position that demands loyalty to the president, to president-elect donald trump. could that potentially be another slam or a jab with the unaof the leading contenders at least over the past week or so mitt romney. we will continue to wait and see. >> that's why they love drawing ought the process, jessica, because the media just eats it up. what a beautiful distraction they've concocted for all of us. all right so let's take a quick break. a d.c. pizza shop caught in the middle of a conspiracy theory also known as a lie. and how a fake and baseless idea called a conspiracy theory brought a real gunman to their door. next. for millions of baby boomers there's a virus out there. a virus that's serious, like hiv,
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so this really happened. a suspect, armed with an assault rifle, was arrested in washington, d.c. on sunday, after opening fire inside a pizzeria. they weren't there to steal. the guy wasn't there because he had a grudge. police say the north carolina man went to the restaurant because he was trying to self-investigate an anti-hillary clinton conspiracy theory. cnn's joe johns is live outside the pizza shop. thank god everybody's okay. and sure they may find out that this guy had some kind of emotional or mental problem but this goes to something larger that you and i deal with all the
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time, the straight up b.s. on the internet that people choose to believe. >> chris, that's absolutely right. this guy's name is edgar madison welch. a mid 20s, from salisbury, north carolina, and police say he came here over the weekend with a rifle in his hand, apparently fired that rivafle. at least think they he did. no one was hurt because people saw the gun and started running. police took him into custody and then they sat down with him and talked to him and what he said was that he came here to self-investigate the online conspiracy theory known as pizzagate. this is a story that's been around for weeks and weeks, alleging that there was a child sex ring running out of this restaurant, somehow involving hillary clinton and her campaign manager john podesta. the restaurant has been dealing with this issue for weeks. the restaurant owner put out a statement that said, in part, what happened today demonstrates that promoting false and
5:21 am
reckless conspiracy theories comes with consequences. i hope those involved in fanning these flames will take a moment to contemplate what happened here today and stop promoting these falsehoods. certainly have been dealing with this for weeks, and at this stage, very hard to say whether some sunlight on this issue is going to help or hurt putting the issue to rest. at least in the short term. >> all right, we're going to try to shine some sun light on it, joe. let's get reaction to this as well as the latest cabinet pick, with sarah sanders, a senior adviser for the trump transition team. good morning, sarah. >> good morning. great to be with you. >> so this is a terrible situation. in washington, d.c. where this guy fell for fake news. i mean, just the most out landish, outrageous conspiracy theory. what can be done? what can the president-elect do to try to quell this stuff rather than generate it? >> look, this is certainly not
5:22 am
something the president-elect condones, and certainly not something he supports. i want to be very clear about that. i don't think i know anybody that supports pushing fake news. i think this is a terrible situation and hopefully one that can be remedied. one of the biggest fake news stories out of this cycle that i've seen was the media constantly telling everybody that donald trump was going to lose and lose badly. >> mm-hmm. >> you know i think that was a big problem throughout this process and one that i hope we don't take part in in the next election cycle. >> yeah. >> i think we need to find every way we can to move away from fake news, whether that's in -- on mainstream media, or on social media, in every market we need to look at ways to bring that down. >> we couldn't agree with you more. fake news is a scourge. and we are trying to bat it away whenever we see it. there was a miscalculation. certainly by pollsters. during this election. and as you know, we're all soul searching and talking about it. that's different than what the fake news. sites do which is they don't admit there was any problem with
5:23 am
what they did and they never take responsibility. and you say that the president-elect is trying to stomp it out. that's not what his national security -- his national security adviser fell for it. and in fact tweeted this out. let me read some of that. general flynn, this is one of his tweets. you decide, new york nypd blows whistle on new hillary e-mails, money laundering, sex crimes with children, et cetera. must read. he's linking to a fake news site there. here's another one of his, #spiritcooking. with #neverhillary. drain the swamp, nypd ready to make arrests in weiner case. not true. why is general flynn putting those out? >> look, i don't think general flynn's purpose is to try to push fake news. he must have thought that there was some validity there. what i do know about general flynn is he's an american hero who has served with honor and distinction and put his life on the line for our country. and i think we owe him some
5:24 am
respect and maybe a little bit of grace in that. but certainly he's going to make a fantastic addition to the trump white house. and again, he's an american hero, and somebody who i know has gone out there and put his life on the line for our country, and somebody that i think deserves a great deal of respect and hopefully he'll look into some of these stories before pushing them out the next time. >> yes. i mean that would be nice. obviously we -- we are grateful for his service. to the country. but this ended up in a violent situation. i mean, it -- it does take a level of gullibility to think that there is a pizza parlor in downtown washington, d.c. that is popular that is operating a child sex trafficking ring that no one else knows about, no one's talking about, other than this weird fringe news site. >> i certainly don't think that we can put the actions of what seems to be maybe a crazed individual on that of general
5:25 am
flynn. about trying to take matters into his own hands. one thing i can assure you is that general flynn is a man that follows the letter of the law, and certainly wouldn't encourage anybody to take that law into their own hands and try to go in and self-investigate, as this person has claimed to do. look, again, i think that he is a man of great honor and distinction, and is going to serve the president-elect very well in the white house. >> and as the head of the trump transition team will you talk to him about not tweeting erroneous fake news stories? >> i'll see if i can pass that message along, certainly will. >> i mean, it's important. you know. look. i mean i know that on some level it's absurd and funny but it did end up in violence you know we have to sort of crack down on this. >> i don't disagree with you at all. that we need to stop fake news. but again, i think that -- that lice a lot on main stream media, as well as all media outlets. >> mm-hmm. >> to further investigate.
5:26 am
i've seen quite a few things put out from main stream media that strictly aren't true. >> up up. >> especially in this news cycle. the way trump rallies were characterized. >> uh-huh. >> the way trump supporters were characterized. that's more of the fake news i've seen in this cycle and certainly think it incited real violence versus this which was thankfully caught and stopped before any violence took place. but i think there's a lot of pressure that lies with you guys to really thoroughly investigate and make sure that the stories you're pushing are off of very valid and not inciting things that simply aren't there and aren't true. >> we fight the good fight every day here to try to get to these primary source. and figure out what is truth. sarah huckabee sanders thanks so much for coming on with your perspective on all of this. >> you bet. thanks so much for having me. >> you got to question the desire to get fake news, also known as b.s., i really hate that label, when at the same time you distinguish people who put that stuff out versus mainstream media.
5:27 am
like it's either/or. please. anyway there was a monumental victory for opponents of the dakota pipeline. van jones is going to explain why he thinks that standing rock is comparable to the civil rights movement and is far from over. next. ♪ ♪ is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event.
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a victory for people protesting the dakota access pipeline. the army corps of engineers says it will look for alternate routes for the $3.7 billion project. so why are protesters staying put? let's ask cnn's sara sidner live near cannonball, north dakota, with more. what is the latest, sara? >> alisyn, it was jubilation. there was singing. there was crying. there was drumming. with the standing rock sioux and the entire sioux nation along with upwards of 8,000 people who have all crowded into this frigid camp, living with no electricity, no running water, all to stop this pipeline, or at least have it rerouted to keep it away from going underneath the missouri river. there was jubilation when they heard from the army corps of engineers that the pipeline company would not be getting the permit and would essentially have to be rerouted. but then, that changed.
5:32 am
because we heard from the company that oenwns the pipelin energy transfer partners, and they have said this is all a political ploy, pointing to the obama administration and said they have every legal right to go forward with this pipeline, just as it has been planned. after getting approval from the courts, and the army corps of engineers, initially, and they say they're still going to go under that river, even though the folks here, thousands and thousands of people, are saying don't do it, we're worried that that pooipline will one day rupture and poison the water supply for millions of plerns. also they're worried that this all points to what's going to happen when donald trump gets in place, because the people here truly believe that any decision made now could easily be reversed. >> sara, thank you. >> this is a situation that's been going on for some time. you had a flashpoint. now we have a little bit of a static period. we have to ask what happens next?
5:33 am
we have cnn political commentator and former special adviser to president obama, van jones. now, van, in your special you have coming up the messy truth, you take a look at a lot of different situations in america. this one piqued your interest, not just because of what is immediate and known but what you see as this as a metaphor for a larger, civil rights struggle in this country. how so? >> well, you know, native americans have i think upwards of 200, 300 treaties with the united states, and all of them at one point or another have been violated. so you have the original americans, the first americans, who feel that, you know, this government has not been a friend to them. and suddenly you have something where not only are their rights possibly jeopardized by this pipeline but millions and millions of americans downstream of the missouri river would also be affected by a spill. and so suddenly their struggle becomes a struggle for water protection for almost, you know, a third of america, and you saw this incredible reaction.
5:34 am
so, this feels like selma. it feels like montgomery. it feels like a time when a group that nobody really paid attention to, black folks in the south stood up and the world stood with them. so it's a very powerful, emotional moment i think for the tribal community. >> so the fact that the pipeline company says they're going to move forward and they have the right to do it, where does that leave us? >> probably in a bunch of court battles. they'll probably be in court today. you're going to see a back and forth. the reality is, again, talk about the messy truth. you know, nobody's been perfect here. there was not a normal environmental review in the first place. because of the way this thing went forward. that's a problem. some people are now saying that native americans didn't do enough on the front end. that's a problem. so it's messy. but at the end of the day, pipe s leak. that's why we have plummers. you don't want a pipe leaking up undert missouri river. literally millions and millions of americans could be affected. >> so let's discuss an aspect of this dialogue.
5:35 am
certainly people in our positions usually don't say because they don't want to heat. if you're going to do this conversation you want to have the conversation. why not. people will say this is different, or not, in this way. people believe that this reservation system didn't work. that native americans really aren't separation nations anymore. that they get these casinos and there's all this indulgence because people don't know the realities of the reservations. and that's a big part of uneducated public sentiment here. how will that play into the dialogue? because i'm telling you you're going to hear it if this goes forward. what are they doing there? they should get jobs and assimilate into society like the rest of us. you know you've heard that before as whispers. could it become a shout now? >> listen i think you're going to have a full-on litigation. but there's reality. and the reality is you have a few casino tribes that are doing reasonably well. but the vast majority of native americans are not. the high infant mortality rate. >> suicide. addiction. >> yes, incredible levels of pain and trauma and think about
5:36 am
it. if some yes came over here and bulldozed americans and put us into little camps for 200 years, americans probably wouldn't be doing that well, either. and so you've got to deal with the reality of it. at the same time, when native americans try to do stuff, for instance a lot of them want to be involved in wind farming because they're out there on the plains, the red tape and the bureaucracy have the b.i.a. and this one and that one, they couldn't even do that. and so we -- we really want to see those communities thrive, we shouldot just look at them when they are screaming please don't 30isen my water. we should be looking at them across the board. they have some of the most potentially valuable land for clean energy, wind and solar. if we want to have a big energy country partner with native americans and have clean energy, too, with them. >> well, this has certainly opened our eyes to lots of those issues now. let's talk about something that happened this weekend and that was that robby mook, campaign manager for hillary clinton went on with jake tapper on cnn sunday and talked about some of
5:37 am
the soul searching they've been doing and who they blame or what they blame for why hillary clinton lost the election. let me play that moment for everyone. >> we were expecting to perform better with suburban women, in particular. we saw those numbers a lot stronger than what happened on election day. we do think that was because of the comey letter. we saw a lot of young people go to third party candidates. we think the letter had a lot to do with that, as well. so there were a number of reasons for this. but lead among them in my view would be that letter from director comey. >> they think that the -- i see the eyebrow raise. i mean it's unknowable, right? we'll never know what the comey letter -- why are you skeptical? >> listen, i think you should let me say that. i think you should let other people say that. i think you should let -- but you should actually admit and confess to some of the things that you did wrong on your campaign. you say that you're the party of the working person. but a lot of working folks in the rust belt felt left out.
5:38 am
you say you're the party of women, but you didn't even get a majority of the female vote. there's a lot of things that you got to take responsibility for i think that's part of the frustration inside the democratic party right now. >> democrats have to be passionate about their candidates. how many people said to you i'm voting for hillary clinton, but i don't love her. how many people said that. that's something for them to examine. >> we'll talk to you tomorrow again. >> van's going to come back he's got a lot to say this town hall is going to raise some eyebrows. the messy truth it airs tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern only on cnn. >> well, japanese americans who lived through one of the darkest chapters in u.s. history are speaking out. their thoughts on the heated rhetoric of president-elect donald trump. next. "why are you checking your credit score?" "i think we can finally get a bigger place."
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keeping the power lines clear,my job to protect public safety, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california.
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japan's prime minister shinzo abe announcing that he will visit pearl harbor in what will be the first visit from a leader of japan since the start of world war ii. abe will go later this month with president obama. this comes as japanese americans are joycing concerns over another world war ii scar. they think that donald trump's tough talk could make a dark moment in history a reality.
5:43 am
again. cnn's kyung lah has their story. >> we did it during world war ii with japanese. >> this is islamism, it is a vicious cancer. >> bet the bedouins out. >> you may call this heated political rhetoric. pat sees history repeating. >> the same thing happened to us. it can happen to you. >> she was born in a japanese internment camp in california. an infant. one of the 120,000 japanese people ordered into captivity. two-thirds of them, u.s. citizens. the attack on pearl harbor 75 years ago plunged the u.s. into war. president roosevelt signed an executive order. >> all persons of japanese descent were required to register. >> they lost their homes, businesses, and civil liberties. >> -- people who may have loyalties to an enemy nation. >> what did it do to your mother? >> it actually broke up the
5:44 am
family. >> her father left his wife and two daughters, refusing to stein a loyalty pledge to the country that imprisoned him. he was deported to japan, a country he'd never lived in. >> he was a u.s. citizen? >> he was a u.s. citizen. >> he never knew your biological father? >> no. my mother, because he made that decision to leave her, it broke her heart. and she would say, there's nothing to remember. if you got close to the fence, you would be shot. so don't go near the fence. >> do not call this an internment. it was a prison camp, remembers joyce. she was 7 years old in april, 1942. >> it was because we were japanese. we had the japanese ancestry. >> that was your crime? >> yes. that was our crime. it took away our freedom is what it did. >> the difference today, awareness, and a grassroots opposition to washington. >> they never thought it could happen again.
5:45 am
i just -- it's like unbelievable that it's happening. i'm more disappointed than angry, i think. in our country. >> what's important for us to know today? >> you have to right for your civil rights. you can't just sit back and say, that won't happen to me. >> their hope, that america's arc of the moral universe bends this time towards justice. kyung lah, cnn, los angeles. >> a frightening situation to tell you about that was caused by a b.s. conspirator theory. what can be done to get us back on the road, a real fact, and then everything else? we take it on in the bottom line. next.
5:46 am
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a conspiracy theory creating a very scary situation. a man firing a gun inside a washington, d.c. pizzeria, because he fell for a fake news story. the very fake same news story that general michael flynn also fell for. so let's get to the bottom line with cnn executive editor mark preston. mark, great to see you. so, the pizzeria story, i mean, it was so outrageous on the face of it -- >> and it was looked at. the idea that, you know, the story wasn't like so nobody looked at it. it was looked at. there was no basis of the allegations made in the story that took on a life of its own. just so people know. looked at. debunked. >> sure. and so we've now seen violence as a result. he fired his gun.
5:51 am
but this is something that some people in the trump administration, or certainly his pick for nsa, fell for. what are we to do about this scourge? >> a couple things. one, i think it's the media's responsibility as we're doing now, talking about how fake it is and the fact is that it's, you know, not only providing entertainment for those who want to read these type of fake stories, but quite frankly they have real-life consequences. to have somebody show up into a business where there are patrons with a gun, fire off a round and say that he's self-investigating a preposterous news story is very, very dangerous. you know, the president of the united states is asked to do a lot of things. and i think this is one of the times where i think that donald trump would show a lot of courage and quite frankly leadership if he were to come out and really knock this down. this is not only affecting the person who owns the shop but the people who live in that neighborhood, and quite frankly the patrons that were in that pizza shop yesterday. >> i mean i don't get why he
5:52 am
wants to own, i won't use the phrase, fake news. i don't think anybody should. i think it gives legitimacy to something that deserves no legitimacy. i don't understand why he wants to known that. huckabee sanders and surrogates will say that's fake. but main stream media said it's fake news because you said he was going to news. it's not a lie designed to be deceptive. >> well i want to make that point. because that's what she just said to us. sarah huckabee sanders said well you guys got it wrong, too. and i think that people don't trust the main stream media. we did get the -- i mean we're not pollsters but we obviously reported on what the pollsters said. their conclusions were wrong. about the election. that's just one reason that people don't trust the so-called main stream media. what do you think of her rationale there? >> absolute false equivalency. to folks who consume news online or what have you i say always be
5:53 am
skeptical about what you read and try to friend out what the truth is if you question what we're saying right now. you know what? go out and find a second source if you have any questions about that. i mean that is what's great about america is that we have the democracy that allows you to do so. bit the fact of the matter is to buy into some of these really crazy stories is just reckless in many ways, and i do think it's time for leadership for somebody to step up and say that this has got to stop. >> some things where else you get millions of illegal voters. okay. so donald trump fastens onto something he read -- somebody told him about a blog on a "washington post" site about how millions voted illegally. his supporters will say people did vote illegally. that goes all the way to the top of his support. congressman darrell issa said to me today in trying to justify why it's okay for the president of the united states, the next one, to so grossly misstate that. >> in every congressional district in america, especially those that don't have any kind
5:54 am
of i.d., people voted illegally. >> you believe that millions of people voted illegally? >> i'm going to hold you to your facts. you said dozen or handfuls, we know out of 320 million americans it wasn't dozens or handfuls -- >> we know there have been many studies congressman, that's an exaggeration. they came up with smaller numbers -- >> chris i love you but you're, in fact, talking about dozens and saying, out of 320 million americans -- >> yeah. >> it is a lot more than dozens. >> he is just guesting or flat wrong. i'm going to send him a bunch of studies. i get why he's playing cover for the president of the united states, that's his job. but, how do you deal with something like that brother preston? >> well, listen, you're not entitled -- you're entitled to your opinions. you're not entitled to your facts. darrell issa also said that the system needs to be fixed. i agree with him it needs to be fixed. but the bottom line is you got
5:55 am
to tell the truth. >> thank you, for the bottom line, mark. nice to talk to you. >> we have your late night laughs, next. >> good way to start a monday. >> it is. you tell your inthey made a mistake. the check they sent isn't enough to replace your totaled new car. the guy says they didn't make the mistake. you made the mistake. i beg your pardon? he says, you should have chosen full-car replacement. excuse me? let me be frank, he says. you picked the wrong insurance plan. no. i picked the wrong insurance company.
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5:58 am
"saturday night live" taking on, who else, president-elect donald trump. watch this. >> oops. note i did it again.
5:59 am
>> mr. trump, please stop retweeting all these random, real people. you're not getting any work done. >> that's not true. i was elected 25 days ago and already unemployment is at a nine-year low. millions of people have health care and osama bin laden is dead. >> yeah, yeah. it's like -- >> we need to get moving because you have a dinner with mitt romney tonight. >> oh, do i have to? >> yes. >> well then can we at least have a picture of us together where he looks like a little bitch? okay. i'm ready to start this briefing. where is my chief strategist steve bannon? i can't start without steve bannon. >> he's walking in right now. ♪ >> oh, they're not playing the
6:00 am
voice. you can hear a little bit of pit that's -- funny. >> satire is part of -- >> democracy. >> -- certainly part of democracy or at least it used to be. but the president-elect has to get used to it. this comes with the job. time for the news. room with carol costello the woman in that room. she is the embodiment of news. >> i couldn't have said it better smiefl. you guys have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. any moment now we'll go live to a news conference in oakland, california. officials there will update us on that horrific fire that raced through a converted warehouse during an electronic music show. at least 33 people died, but only a handful of bodies have been identified. they include 32-year-old donna kellogg,


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